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Democrats Have a Better Option Than Biden

Democrats Have a Better Option Than Biden

Update: 2024-02-1611


Biden is faltering and Democrats have no plan B. There is another path to winning in 2024 — and I think they should take it. But it would require them to embrace an old-fashioned approach to winning a campaign.


The Lincoln Miracle by Edward Achorn

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Granny InSanDiego

This Pollyanna view of Biden is disturbing. The cause of inflation was the war in Ukraine. In 2020, Bernie had momentum heading into the SC primary. This panicked the Democratic National Committee. Bernie wasn't taking corporate dollars. So the Democratic machine, especially in the person of Rep. James Clyburn, got on the Biden bandwagon. Clyburn took more money from Big Pharma than any other House member. To claim Biden has a good track record on the environment is not accurate.

Feb 17th
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Nicolas Brylle

Excellent vision on what can/could be. Please Americans, don't let that insane orange psychopath anywhere close to any sort of government office...

Feb 16th
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Democrats Have a Better Option Than Biden

Democrats Have a Better Option Than Biden

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