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Diagnosing Trump with Dr. Vince Greenwood

Diagnosing Trump with Dr. Vince Greenwood

Update: 2024-05-103


Join hosts Dr. John Gartner and Dr. Harry Segal for Shrinking Trump, a brand new weekly show dedicated to analyzing Donald Trump from a psychological point of view. 

On this premier episode, our guest is Dr. Vince Greenwood, founder of The Washington Center for Cognitive Therapy where he specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorder and depression. Dr Greenwood is also very active on Twitter @DutyToInform and is the founder of the website

Dr. Greenwood is an expert in psychological diagnosis and forensic assessment who developed a checklist for signs of dementia and aging. When he ran it against Donald Trump’s speeches from different stages in his life what the Doctor discovered, and revealed on our show, was shocking. 

In this interview, Dr. Greenwood will share the results of his study, and outline the specific behaviors that led to his conclusions along with explaining his methodology. 

And what’s worse: he has a warning about where this all will ultimately lead.

Vince also breaks down the ongoing debate surrounding the “Goldwater Rule,” which pits the ethics of discussing a ‘diagnosis from a distance’ against the ethics of warning the public about an imminent threat to the American people.

In this interview, John explains that he thought after Trump was defeated in 2020, that his mission was accomplished and the work was finished. “What brought me back into the public fold,” John said, “is that I saw the public was being gaslit. The media has pathologized Biden’s normal signs of aging while normalizing Trump’s blatant signs of dementia.”

So John is back, along with Dr. Segal, to warn the public about what’s really going on with Trump’s mental health. 

John told us, “I always say to people, look at Donald Trump right now because that's the best Donald Trump you're ever going to see. Because dementia is a deteriorating illness, and his rate of deterioration is accelerating.”

Stay tuned for another awesome episode next week!

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Diagnosing Trump with Dr. Vince Greenwood

Diagnosing Trump with Dr. Vince Greenwood

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