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Do Good; Be Well

Do Good; Be Well

Update: 2023-09-14


Thursday, September 14th, 2023

Today, in the Hot Notes: a judge denies a stay pending appeal for Mark Meadows in his bid to move his Fulton County case to federal court and the 11th Circuit expedites a stay hearing for this Friday; Fulton county DA Fani Willis argues to the 11th Circuit that former federal officers can’t have cases removed to federal court; an appeals court has denied Trump's motion to stay his E. Jean Carroll trial; a judge has unsealed the appellate court decision on the DoJ’s quest to access Representative Scott Perry’s phone; Judge Aileen Cannon has denied motions by Trump and Nauta and granted the DOJ’s protective order over the classified discovery; Elon Musk’s Starlink mysteriously crashed last night just as Ukraine planned a coordinated drone and missile attack on the Russian Navy; Hunter Biden has filed suit against former Trump aide Garrett Ziegler for stealing and manipulating data from his iPhone cloud account in the laptop scandal; FBI agent’s testimony debunks a Jim Jordan whistleblower in the Hunter Biden investigation; Mitt Romney is quitting politics and sent a bone chilling text to Mitch McConnell on the eve of January 6th; President Biden sent a memo to the media; Pete Navarro tried a ridiculous Hail Mary in federal court; plus Allison and Dana deliver your Good News.

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Do Good; Be Well

Do Good; Be Well

Allison Gill, Dana Goldberg