DiscoverPassion Struck with John R. MilesDr. Kate Bowler on Why There is No Cure for Being Human EP 371
Dr. Kate Bowler on Why There is No Cure for Being Human EP 371

Dr. Kate Bowler on Why There is No Cure for Being Human EP 371

Update: 2023-11-10


Join John R. Miles on "Passion Struck" as he converses with the inspiring Dr. Kate Bowler, a New York Times bestselling author and a beacon of hope in understanding the complexities of the human spirit. In a world that often glosses over the messiness of life with superficial platitudes, Dr. Bowler brings a raw, unfiltered perspective on dealing with life's harshest realities. Kate is the author of Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved and No Cure for Being Human.

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Facing Life's Storms: Dr. Kate Bowler on Finding Meaning Amidst Trials

In this emotionally stirring episode of "Passion Struck" with John R. Miles, we delve into the heart of human resilience with the remarkable Dr. Kate Bowler. As an author, professor, and guiding light of hope, Dr. Bowler shares her profound journey through the trials of a stage IV colon cancer diagnosis, questioning the cliché that "everything happens for a reason." She opens up about her search for meaning in the chaos of life and her courageous battle against the false narrative of a perfect life promoted by a culture obsessed with relentless positivity.


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Dr. Kate Bowler on Why There is No Cure for Being Human EP 371

Dr. Kate Bowler on Why There is No Cure for Being Human EP 371

John R. Miles