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Dr. Victor Manzo - Decoding the Matrix

Dr. Victor Manzo - Decoding the Matrix

Update: 2022-11-28


We all carry limiting ideas that prevent us from succeeding in the business and life we want. 95% of our lives are under the control of our subconscious mind, which operates on autopilot. By reshaping your perspective, you can transform into a spiritual alchemist who can use all we go through for our highest good. When you do that, you produce stronger vibrations that enable you to draw in more of the life you want, enabling you to achieve success easily.


There is an energy that pulls humanity back over time. It is the thing that prevents people from fully realizing their potential, accepting who they are, and achieving their aspirations.

Join Business and Spiritual Mindset Coach, 3x Author, Podcaster, and Pediatric Chiropractor Dr. Vic Manzo, as he discusses his journey as a chiropractor, business reframing, the importance of having the proper mindset, and many more. His broad range of knowledge in spirituality, universal laws, neurology, quantum physics, and understanding of the mind has enabled him to assist thousands of people and hundreds of business owners in transforming their lives so that they can live more meaningful, soul-filled lives. Vic hosts a podcast where he imparts all knowledge about the mind, raising consciousness and enabling the individual to take advantage of more of life's wonders.


"What matters is where you're coming from."

"The more that foundation is, whatever you're going to do will be successful, and it will be perfect and aligned to what you're gonna do."

"You have to go if you want to figure these things out. Don't listen to what anyone tells you to do unless it helps you find your own craft."

"We look outside ourselves to get approval instead of looking within. That's why we care so much about what other people think."

"Comfort is the killer of all dreams."


✨ Anything big starts from the bottom.

🔬 Focus on the small things first before moving on to the bigger ones.

🔇 Sometimes all you need to do is tune out the background noise and do whatever you think is best for you.

📖 If you want to know more about something, do your best to learn about it.

😎 We often lose our individual aspect due to our overwhelming desire to fit in with everyone else, so take caution.


[3:38 ] Dr. Vic's journey as a chiropractor

[8:24 ] Getting into coaching

[11:24 ] Business Advice and Foundations

[19:42 ] Chiropractic School Experience

[25:45 ] Searching for Approval

[30:25 ] Dreams and Vision

[37:52 ] Comparing Yourself with Others

[45:05 ] Baking

[48:10 ] History and Systems

[52:28 ] Get in touch with Dr. Vic



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Dr. Victor Manzo - Decoding the Matrix

Dr. Victor Manzo - Decoding the Matrix

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