Discover"The Cognitive Revolution" | AI Builders, Researchers, and Live Player AnalysisE17: The Prompt Engineering Revolution with Riley Goodside
E17: The Prompt Engineering Revolution with Riley Goodside

E17: The Prompt Engineering Revolution with Riley Goodside

Update: 2023-04-18


For anyone who discovered this show on Twitter, Riley (@goodside) likely needs no introduction – after all, he spent most of 2022 posting his explorations of OpenAI's text-davinci-002, and quickly became one of the must-follow accounts in AI. Riley Goodside is the world's first Staff Prompt Engineer at Scale AI, and is an expert in prompting large language models and integrating them into AI-powered applications. Few have spent as much time on the language model frontier, so I hope you enjoy this unique conversation with Riley Goodside.


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(0:00 ) Preview of the episode

(05:13 ) Riley's unique background

(11:24 ) Riley's original narrow moat

(15:07 ) Sponsors: Omneky

(17:02 ) LLMs can take on ncreasingly complex instructions

(27:41 ) Language models can do math

(30:05 ) Models can learn from context

(37:29 ) Fine-tune models for tasks

(38:47 ) Automate instruction following

(44:34 ) Large language models are alien text prediction

(52:27 ) Avoid mode collapse by framing

(59:05 ) Composing AI capabilities like Lego bricks

(1:00:37 ) Language models solve tasks

(1:05:37 ) GPT-3 solves real-world tasks

(1:15:03 ) GPT-4's amazing capabilities

(1:17:03 ) Multimodal abilities unlock possibilities

(1:25:03 ) Compare models for best task fit

(1:26:24 ) Compare models using trial and error

(1:36:15 ) AI and the future of work

(1:42:29 ) GPT-4 can provide second opinions

(1:45:06 ) AI safety discussion

(1:50:20 ) AI permeates society cautiously

(1:55:26 ) The AI revolution underway



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@scale_AI (Scale)

@labenz (Nathan)

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E17: The Prompt Engineering Revolution with Riley Goodside

E17: The Prompt Engineering Revolution with Riley Goodside

Erik Torenberg, Nathan Labenz