DiscoverThe Viall FilesE576 Ask Nick - My Boyfriend Hates How Strong I Am
E576 Ask Nick - My Boyfriend Hates How Strong I Am

E576 Ask Nick - My Boyfriend Hates How Strong I Am

Update: 2023-05-01


Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files: Ask Nick Edition! We’re back to answer your burning questions about the world of dating and relationships. Before getting to our callers, we discuss anniversaries in relationships and read an email from a listener that’s debating boycotting her friend’s wedding. We then get our latest Breakup Song of the Week submission. 

Our first caller has recently discovered a love of working out, but her boyfriend says he doesn’t want to date a girl with a muscular body and is encouraging her to stop going to the gym. Our second caller is worried that she’s too attached to her boyfriend after he went on a ten-day boys' trip and she missed him a lot. Our final caller is trying to find the strength to leave her situationship. We discuss how she’s been willing to accept the bare minimum, and now needs to enforce boundaries with him. 

“You’re not okay with it, and that’s what matters.”

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E576 Ask Nick - My Boyfriend Hates How Strong I Am

E576 Ask Nick - My Boyfriend Hates How Strong I Am

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