DiscoverThe Viall FilesE634 Ask Nick - My Cousin Is Hitting on Me
E634 Ask Nick - My Cousin Is Hitting on Me

E634 Ask Nick - My Cousin Is Hitting on Me

Update: 2023-09-051


Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files: Ask Nick Edition! We’re back to answer your burning questions about the world of dating and relationships. Before getting to our callers, we discuss Birthday Party themes, what we love about Ali, and 5-year plans. We also read a submission from someone who can’t get past icks. Is it possible to move on from an ick? And what are icks, really? We then get to our callers. 

Our first caller’s cousin has been hitting on her. Since becoming estranged from their family, he’s been messaging her on Facebook that he’s always been attracted to her and thinks they should date. However, recently he’s been making amends, and has been invited to a family wedding. She’s anxious to see him and unsure how to interact in person. Our second caller is considering getting back together with her ex. They dated for 3 years, and broke up 5 years ago, and is wondering if he’s changed enough to be able to start again but make it work this time. Our final caller is wondering how to stop being the girl before the girlfriend. She has fallen into a pattern where the men she’s in situationships with immediately jump into relationships right after her. She’s not sure whether it’s the men she’s choosing to invest in, or if she herself is just not ready for a relationship. 

“You don’t fall into a situationship. You accept a situationship.” 

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E634 Ask Nick - My Cousin Is Hitting on Me

E634 Ask Nick - My Cousin Is Hitting on Me

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