DiscoverThe Viall FilesE698 Ask Nick Update Special Episode - Part 16
E698 Ask Nick Update Special Episode - Part 16

E698 Ask Nick Update Special Episode - Part 16

Update: 2024-01-26


Welcome back to The Viall Files! Today we have another special “where are they now” update show where we give you updates from our past callers to see what’s happened in their situations and relationships since appearing on the show. 

Our first caller was originally debating girl code on whether she should warn her ex-husband’s girlfriend of the way he treated her. We advised her to focus on her kid and not get involved emotionally with the ex’s new partner. Our second caller had first called in because he was long-distance dating a girl he met from twitter. They are now broken up… how did that happen and what is he doing now? Our third caller is our most EXCITING update yet. She had originally called in because of pregnancy struggles and planning a family with her husband. We gave the advice to try and not stress too much… and now she has two kids!

We also have some written updates - Our caller who was disinviting her friend from her wedding, our caller who wanted to set boundaries with her mom’s relationships, and our caller who was debating having a fatherly figure walk her down the aisle. 

To catch up on all of these callers original questions please see the show numbers:  

Original Episode numbers for callers:

  • Episode Number: 695 Ask Nick - I’m Attractive, You’re Just Drunk

  • Episode Number: 550 Ask Nick - You’re Addicted to Missing Him

  • Episode Number: 75 Ask Nick - Demi and Deep Dives

Original Episode numbers for written updates:

  • Episode Number: 673 Going Deeper with Olivia Flowers Plus Special Forces, Kathy Hilton’s Party, and American Royalty

  • Episode Number: 640 Ask Nick - Everyone Caught Feelings During Threesome 

  • Episode Number: 594 Vanderpump Reunion - Final Thoughts

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E698 Ask Nick Update Special Episode - Part 16

E698 Ask Nick Update Special Episode - Part 16

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