DiscoverThe Anxious Truth - A Panic, Anxiety, and Mental Health PodcastEP 275 - The Triggered AND TRICKED Anxiety Cycle
EP 275 - The Triggered AND TRICKED Anxiety Cycle

EP 275 - The Triggered AND TRICKED Anxiety Cycle

Update: 2023-09-27


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The anxiety cycle starts as a seemingly never ending loop where you get triggered, you fight through it, you calm down, then you worry and fret over the next time you might get triggered. It can become an exhausting merry-go-ground if you're new to this process and convinced that high anxiety and panic are horrible disasters that must be avoided or "managed" at all costs.

But over time, you will likely begin to notice that your logical brain will question that assertion, and you will start to see that you are not just being triggered into an anxious state, but that you are being TRICKED by that anxious state. When you begin to see the trickery involved in internally focused disordered anxiety, things can begin to change.

When you can nail a "tricked" point to the circle, that can become the point at which you start to peel off the circle on a tangent toward recovery. Noticing and understanding that anxiety is tricking you into behaving as if you are in danger creates a fork in an otherwise endless circular road. It gives you a point at which you can choose a new path and ultimately break the cycle that has trapped you up to this point.

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EP 275 - The Triggered AND TRICKED Anxiety Cycle

EP 275 - The Triggered AND TRICKED Anxiety Cycle

Drew Linsalata