EP 276 - Anxiety and Recovery: A Holistic View

EP 276 - Anxiety and Recovery: A Holistic View

Update: 2023-10-11


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Anxiety and the recovery process do not exist in a vacuum. You are an entire person, and all the parts of you come into this process. Holistic is not a word you hear me use often, but it is a word we need to acknowledge because when dealing with chronic/disordered anxiety and the recovery process, your background, experiences, beliefs, and views of yourself and the world will enter the picture in various ways.

* They will influence how you conceptualize your anxiety.

* They will influence how you embrace and approach the recovery process.

* They will influence the parts of recovery you "get" and the parts you may need to adjust here and there.

* They will cause you to confront emotions, situations, and challenges that aren't always about anxiety, but may be indicative of other parts of you and other parts of your life.

Forgetting this - forgetting that anxiety and recovery do not exist in a vacuum - can lead you into a trap where you're judging yourself negatively, giving up, or seeing your situation as hopeless when you don't have to see it that way.

As always, comments and questions are welcomed. I hope you find this episode helpful in some way.

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EP 276 - Anxiety and Recovery: A Holistic View

EP 276 - Anxiety and Recovery: A Holistic View

Drew Linsalata