DiscoverADHD for Smart Ass Women with Tracy OtsukaEP. 271: Navigating ADHD and Public Service with Dulce Vasquez
EP. 271: Navigating ADHD and Public Service with Dulce Vasquez

EP. 271: Navigating ADHD and Public Service with Dulce Vasquez

Update: 2024-03-13


In this episode of ADHD for Smart Ass Women, I have the pleasure of chatting with Dulce Vasquez, who's not only making waves in the political arena by running for California State Assembly District 57 but also reshaping the conversation around ADHD and mental health. At 36, Dulce's life took a transformative turn with her ADHD diagnosis, providing her with the clarity she'd been seeking in both her academic pursuits and political endeavors.

As a formerly undocumented LGBTQ+ Latina, Dulce brings a rich tapestry of experiences to the table. Her advocacy work spans across education, housing, public transportation, and the rights of the LGBTQ+ and women's communities. Serving as the Assistant Vice President for Arizona State University's Los Angeles outpost, her journey from being a Los Angeles City Commissioner to a contender for the Los Angeles City Council and now a candidate for the State Assembly showcases her commitment to societal change.

During our conversation, Dulce opens up about the challenges and revelations of living with inattentive type ADHD and complex PTSD. From navigating the world of medications to the intricacies of personal and professional relationships, her story is one of vulnerability, resilience, and empowerment. Dulce's candid sharing underscores the significant role personal narratives play in driving societal change and highlights the importance of representation and understanding within our communities.

Join us as Dulce Vasquez shares her inspiring journey, her challenges and triumphs with ADHD, and her passionate advocacy for accessible mental health care. Her story is a powerful reminder of the intersection between the personal and the political, and the profound impact of embracing one's true self.

Tune in to hear more about Dulce Vasquez's remarkable journey and her vision for a more inclusive and understanding society. Whether you're interested in the political implications of ADHD, the journey of self-discovery, or the nuances of advocating for mental health, this episode promises insights and inspiration in equal measure.

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EP. 271: Navigating ADHD and Public Service with Dulce Vasquez

EP. 271: Navigating ADHD and Public Service with Dulce Vasquez

Tracy Otsuka