DiscoverThis Changes EverythingEP08: Living and Loving the Single Life
EP08: Living and Loving the Single Life

EP08: Living and Loving the Single Life

Update: 2022-10-132


This week, Therapy Jeff and Sarah Rice are talking about the single life and why it's important to find ways to be happy and secure when you're not in a relationship–whether for 6 months or the rest of your life. What are the benefits of taking some time to be single and just focus on yourself without having one eye toward looking for your next relationship?

Sarah tells us about folks who are, as Dr. Bella DePaulo describes them, "single at heart?" Are you someone who doesn't need a plus-one at every event? Do you thrive in solitude? Would you much rather watch your shows and eat your snacks without having to share with someone else?

Jeff breaks down the Relationship Escalator–those steps society expects us to take when it comes to finding a partner and advancing our relationships (dating, marriage, kids, etc.)–and describes the ways society can really look down on people who, for one reason or another, don't adhere to that formula.

Jeff and Sarah talk about their favorite Disney movies and how stories like The Little Mermaid and Aladdin can reinforce our ideas of what being in a relationship should look like, for better or worse. Give up your voice for a man? Come on!

If you're single, now's the time to lean into the cliche of dating yourself. Use the fancy teacup. Don't save the bath bomb. Take some time to explore and ask yourself who you are, for your own sake. This might be a great time to revisit our episode, "How to Feel Your Feelings".

Bella DePaulo's article about people who are single at heart:

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EP08: Living and Loving the Single Life

EP08: Living and Loving the Single Life

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