EP20: Breaking Up

EP20: Breaking Up

Update: 2023-01-26


Therapy Jeff and Sarah Rice are talking about something that’s always hard to deal with and not always fun to talk about–the dreaded breakup. Whether you’re the one being broken up with or the one doing the breaking up, it’s never a good time. But Sarah and Jeff are offering their thoughts on the best way to deal, no matter what side of it you’re on. If you’re the breaker-upper, what do you say? How do you say it? When do you say it? Jeff makes the distinction between ending things after just a few dates, and Sarah makes a good point, that this avoidance falls into the camp of good old procrastination. It’s a little different than breaking up with someone you’ve been dating for a little while. Or what about when you’re in a long term relationship? What if you’re married? Things definitely get more complicated then. There’s no totally right or completely wrong way to do it, but Sarah and Jeff have some ideas that can help both people in the relationship come out better on the other side of their breakup.

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EP20: Breaking Up

EP20: Breaking Up

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