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EP24: Dealing with Grief

EP24: Dealing with Grief

Update: 2023-02-233


This week, Therapy Jeff and Sarah are covering grief, so you might want to have your happiest movies and softest blankets ready to go after this one. When we think of grief, we usually think of grieving the death of a loved one, and that’s definitely one kind of grief. But we can grieve for so many reasons. Whether due to death, the end of a relationship, or leaving a job, any kind of loss can lead to grief, and it’s important to recognize this. We can even experience grief when something good happens. Moving in with a partner or getting married, for example, can lead to a feeling of loss that deserves to be felt and processed. To help with this process, Sarah walks us through Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s famous stages of grief. Most people are familiar with her early model, which outlined five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, but she eventually added two additional stages, shock and testing, which helped to create a more accurate and nuanced model. Understanding these stages may be helpful when it comes to identifying grief and its associated feelings and behaviors. But once you’ve identified the fact that you’re grieving someone or something, what should you do? Sarah and Jeff have some suggestions in this episode, but of course, everyone is different, so if you are someone who’s going through it right now, try to show yourself some compassion and remember that there’s no single right or wrong way to grieve.

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EP24: Dealing with Grief

EP24: Dealing with Grief

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