EP27: Dealing with Divorce

EP27: Dealing with Divorce

Update: 2023-03-16


Listeners, you've been asking us to cover this one. Today, Sarah and Theraphy Jeff are talking divorce. They're talking about the messages we all got about divorce growing up, being children of divorce, their own divorces, and a lot more. They talk about coping with grief, guilt, anger, sadnesss, and all of the tough emotions that are attached to such an intense life event. Sarah discusses why it's so important to set boundaries and get some space. They commiserate over the uniquely modern problem of detangling all of the shared streaming service logins. Jeff suggests letting your friends know what kind of support you need at any given moment. ("I just need to vent" vs "Can we just play video games?") They also talk about all the feelings that come along with dating after divorce and how to know when it's time to start dating again.

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EP27: Dealing with Divorce

EP27: Dealing with Divorce

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