DiscoverThis Changes EverythingEP49: Acceptance and Letting Go
EP49: Acceptance and Letting Go

EP49: Acceptance and Letting Go

Update: 2023-08-171


This week’s episode of This Changes Everything is all about acceptance and letting go. Here’s what you asked Sarah and Therapy Jeff to help you move on from:

  • I’m going through a breakup with someone in an open marriage. How do I get over this breakup, when the reason we broke up doesn’t have much to do with our relationship?

  •  Is it wrong to ask my partner to cut all contact (block) someone that they used to hook up with if it makes me feel uncomfortable?

  •  I found out something about my boyfriend’s past, and he doesn’t know that I know. Should his history matter to our current relationship?

  • I told my partner I loved them, and they told me they “aren’t there yet.” How do I handle it, and how long should I wait to see if they do get there?

  • How do I stop making a crush into a bigger deal than it is?

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EP49: Acceptance and Letting Go

EP49: Acceptance and Letting Go

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