Encounters x224

Encounters x224

Update: 2024-03-282


We’re transitioning out of Feral February and into March… murder? The group of crows type of murder. Corinne and Sabrina have selected their own themes… pets and paranormal games. There are beautiful tales of communicating with loved ones through an Ouija Board, Gari the puppy hiding with the help of a ghost, the lost puppy souls and Bloody Mary. And in case you live in the city and would like to hear the beauty of birds, we’ve created a personalized bird call soundtrack for you.

Trigger warning for animal death 00:42:12 - 00:45:49

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Edited and produced by Jaimi Ryan, original music by Arms Akimbo!

Disclaimer: the use of white sage and smudging is a closed practice. If you’re looking to cleanse your space, here are some great alternatives!








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Encounters x224

Encounters x224

Two Girls One Ghost