DiscoverThe Mindvalley Show with VishenNassim Haramein on the Science behind Spirituality
Nassim Haramein on the Science behind Spirituality

Nassim Haramein on the Science behind Spirituality

Update: 2024-01-152


Consciousness and the universe are intricately intertwined. Today, embark on a mind-bending journey with Nassim Haramein, a Spiritual Physicist, in this thought-provoking episode of The Mindvalley Show. Brace yourself as Nassim challenges conventional beliefs, merging spirituality with physics to redefine our understanding of consciousness. Curious minds, get ready to explore the profound impact of visualization and dive into the uncharted territories of humanity's evolution. This conversation is not just eye-opening; it's a paradigm-shifting experience that will have you questioning the very fabric of reality.

Discover Nassim's groundbreaking perspective on spirituality as a yet-to-be-discovered equation in physics. As he unravels the mysteries of the interconnected universe, you'll find yourself contemplating the vast potential of your own mind. The fusion of science and spirituality presented by Nassim is nothing short of revolutionary, offering insights that may reshape the way you perceive existence itself. Get ready to expand your consciousness and challenge the boundaries of your beliefs.

Join us for a riveting discussion with Nassim Haramein, where controversial and daring ideas collide. Regardless of whether you align with his views, the significance of this conversation is undeniable. Tune in and explore the uncharted realms of spirituality and physics, unlocking new dimensions of thought that might just reshape your worldview. It's a conversation that invites you to not only listen but actively engage in the exploration of limitless possibilities.

Key Takeaways

[00:01:03 ] Definition of consciousness.

[00:02:20 ] Chicken or egg problem.

[00:08:26 ] Self-directed evolution.

[00:09:35 ] Modifying the past and future.

[00:16:07 ] Changing physical appearance through meditation.

[00:21:14 ] Changing our past experiences.

[00:23:09 ] The concept of time.

[00:29:33 ] Group consciousness and shared future.

[00:33:17 ] Finding the lesson and beauty in difficult moments of history.

[00:36:15 ] Understanding of evil as a level of confusion and awareness.

[00:41:17 ] The ability to find meaning and lessons in difficult personal experiences.

[00:43:05 ] Over-unity technology and zero-point field energy.

[00:50:17 ] Gravity control.

[00:53:49 ] Warp drive and space travel.

[00:55:47 ] Controlling gravitational fields.

[00:56:52 ] Relationship between science fiction and the future of technology.

Memorable Quotes

"To me, consciousness is the fundamental information structure of the universe. Information moving through its cycles. Feedforward, feedback information throughout the whole network of creation that produces complexity like a hundred trillion cell human being that eventually becomes self-aware." – Nassim Haramein

"In our current society there's been a very strong capacity to influence global awareness by producing very specific information sets in our media and the way we think of things and so on. And there's been a huge influence on the group consciousness of our planet that way." – Nassim Haramein

"Everything is connected. Everything is entangled. All particles are entangled. Everything is in this metric of space that connects everything together. And what we call energy, what we call mass, what we call gravity, what we call electromagnetic fields, is actually different modality on how the information is moving." – Nassim Haramein

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Nassim Haramein on the Science behind Spirituality

Nassim Haramein on the Science behind Spirituality