DiscoverThe JudgiesEp 193: Oops! All Fever Game
Ep 193: Oops! All Fever Game

Ep 193: Oops! All Fever Game

Update: 2024-02-19


In This Episode: We talk about a wedding photographer that doesn't know whether she should give a refund, a boyfriend snoops through emails after his girlfriend refused to send pics, a husband doesn't know how to deal with his dying wife's one last request, a woman hooks up with her boyfriend's brother after he suggested an open relationship, and a listener does a silly little bit and their partner takes it too far. And for this week's Circle Jerdge Josh brings us some posts from r/PassportBros

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Intro Music by: Iván

Story Links:

My wife offered to be a surrogate without me knowing

I declined to send pictures to my boyfriend

Dying wife's last wish

Slept with boyfriend's brother

0:00 Intro

5:10 Mail Time

11:55 r/weddingphotography: 2nd photographer slept with the husband

18:25 r/amiwrong: wife is a surrogate without telling me 29:34

r/relationships: Declined to send pics to BF so he snoops my email 36:48

r/aitah: my dying wife wants to be with ex 1 more time

43:30 Return from break

44:06 CJ:r/PassportBros

57:16 Listener Sound

58:51 Listener story:AITA for pretending to finish in a bath

1:13:23 r/aitah: For hooking up with BFs brother after he asked for an open relationship

1:21:15 Outro

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Ep 193: Oops! All Fever Game

Ep 193: Oops! All Fever Game