DiscoverThe JudgiesEp 197: Oops! All Tumblr Girls
Ep 197: Oops! All Tumblr Girls

Ep 197: Oops! All Tumblr Girls

Update: 2024-03-18


In This Episode: We celebrate International Women's Day by bringing back a fan favorite, Chose Your Own Rickventure! We read about a woman who doesn't have the energy to be a shoulder to cry on, a woman contemplates leaving her BF behind in a sketchy area, a woman feels bad for calling the cops on her BF, a woman feels guilty for having to call the cops on her abusive BF, a listener recounts his encounter with the looking too deeply into the fire, a woman feels bad after telling her stepdad to go back to where he came from, and an aid makes an insane joke to a student.

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Story Links:

AITA for ignoring my BF's panic attacks

AITA for ditching my BF in a shady neighborhood

WIBTA for weaponizing the Police on my BF

AITA for telling my stepdad to go back to where he came from

AITA for making a joke about my sex life to a student

0:00 Christian's Drip

4:40 (Fe)Mail Time!!!!

15:17 First Rickventure

22:13 Second Rickventure

30:41 Third Rickventure

44:49 Hot Takes on Italy

1:01:08 Listener Sound Submission

1:03:28 Listener Story: The Boy YEARNS for the Fire

1:08:35 Fourth Rickventure

1:12:06 Final Rickventure

1:23:10 Where to Send Your Stories

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Ep 197: Oops! All Tumblr Girls

Ep 197: Oops! All Tumblr Girls