DiscoverThe JudgiesEp 202: Oops! No Tangents
Ep 202: Oops! No Tangents

Ep 202: Oops! No Tangents

Update: 2024-04-221


In This Episode: We smoke it (allegedly) if we got it, then we attempt an episode with NO TANGENTS! Stories include some one who was cheated on after 9 years of marriage, some one who took 10 oz of Magnesium Citrate and had a harrowing experience, a teacher who had some parents get upset over a field trip, a listener who details a story about a bad situation turned even worse, a girlfriend who wanted to "edge" a breakup, and a daughter who got grounded on vacation. We also go over some ponders with pissy.

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Intro Music by: Iván 

Story Links:

9 Years Then Cheated

10 oz of Mg Citrate

Upset Over Field Trip

GF Edged a break up

Daughter Grounded on Vacation

Time Stamps:

0:00 420 2

5:35 Getting It Out of Our System

9:03 Mail Time

13:05 Alleged Edibles

14:14 9 Years Then Cheated

24:28 10 oz of Mg Citrate

31:16 Upset Over Field Trip

34:18 CJ Ponders With Pissy

51:53 LS Sound

54:43 LS Story: Bad Man

1:09:18 GF Edged a Break up

1:13:29 Daughter Grounded On Vacation

1:18:21 Outro

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Ep 202: Oops! No Tangents

Ep 202: Oops! No Tangents