DiscoverThe JudgiesEp 205: Oops! All 100 IQ Moves
Ep 205: Oops! All 100 IQ Moves

Ep 205: Oops! All 100 IQ Moves

Update: 2024-05-13


In This Episode: We talk about a husband getting mad at his pregnant wife for eating his food, a boyfriend lied about smoking meth oh and he is probably cheating too, a boyfriend has a specific kind of cuddling in mind, wife wants to know if it is weird her husband punishes her by turning on the heater, a boyfriend loses his cool when his girlfriend tells him that she thinks firefighters are hot, and a listener pretends to fall of a bed and die to get out of a date. And for this week's Circle Jerdge Christian brings us some 100 IQ moves!

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Story Links: wife eating food 

bf is cheating on me bf friend wants to be cuddled in a specific way 

husband punishes wife by turning on the heater 

gf thinks firefighters are hot 

Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro

2:05 Mail Time

12:00 r/aita: Got pissy with my wife after see ate my food

21:57 r/dating: Pretty sure my BF is cheating on me 3

0:00 r/nostupidquestions: Why does my BF want me to fondle him while we sleep

36:19 Return from the break

37:43 CJ: 100 IQ Moves

52:03 Listener Sound

58:48 Listener Story: Faked my own death to get out of a date

1:10:03 r/relationship_advice: My husband punishes me with temperature

1:13:41 r/tifu: Told my BF my fantasy

1:23:57 Outro

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Ep 205: Oops! All 100 IQ Moves

Ep 205: Oops! All 100 IQ Moves