DiscoverProbably a PodcastEp 91: Influencing 102
Ep 91: Influencing 102

Ep 91: Influencing 102

Update: 2024-01-23


Class is back in session! It’s been almost a year since Influencing 101, so it’s time. Hear all of the updates and answers to the questions you submitted in Influencing 102! Shannon is an open book and feeling HONEST. She talks about how she got started, and how Very Cavallari provided a launchpad for her influencing career. She breaks down the different content deliverables and types for brands and shares what the process looks like from beginning to end. And, of course, it’s not all easy breezy. Shannon shares some of her pet peeves and things she wishes brands did/didn’t do. Making large purchases, budgeting unexpected finances, and navigating healthcare, your gurliepop has been learning through trial and error and is sharing everything she’s learned along the way. Shannon discusses some of her boundaries: what parts of her life she chooses to share on social media and the time she intentionally spends on her phone. Is the influencer market oversaturated? What metrics matter? Is Shannon nervous about the future of influencing? This episode is packed full of information for aspiring influencers, or those looking to up their game in 2024. It’s Influencing 102. 

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Ep 91: Influencing 102

Ep 91: Influencing 102