DiscoverEXPANDED Podcast by To Be Magnetic™Ep. 218 - How To Create the Career You Want Part 1
Ep. 218 - How To Create the Career You Want Part 1

Ep. 218 - How To Create the Career You Want Part 1

Update: 2022-09-301


You can have any job you want if you’re willing to create it! Whether you’re looking for a promotion, bridge job, career jump, freelance gig, side hustle or launching your own brand– this episode is for YOU! TBM Marketing Director Grace and Jessica dive into all aspects of having a magnetic career. This episode is packed with tips on transitioning from having a boss to being a boss. Learn how to hone your skillsets and monetize them, navigate limiting beliefs when marketing yourself, know your value and stay in your worth. Hear insight from Grace’s entrepreneurial journey and learn how taking initiative is the key to upleveling your career. This episode is packed with action items– which ones will you take?

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In This Episode We Talk About:

  • All things business, entrepreneurship and freelancing with Jessica and TBM Marketing Director Grace Abbott!
  • Tips on transitioning from a corporate job to a dream job
  • Questions from the TBM community!
  • How to launch a business and develop your side hustle into a full-time job
  • The importance of clarifying and improving your skill set
  • Grace’s entrepreneurial journey and how she took initiative
  • Navigating limiting beliefs when marketing your services
  • Social media and tips on working through blocks 
  • Value and knowing your worth
  • Masculine vs. feminine energy
  • How to incorporate TBM work with career development!




In The Episode:


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Ep. 218 - How To Create the Career You Want Part 1

Ep. 218 - How To Create the Career You Want Part 1

Jessica Gill, Grace Abbott