DiscoverEXPANDED Podcast by To Be Magnetic™Ep. 235 - How to Have Magnetic Friendships
Ep. 235 - How to Have Magnetic Friendships

Ep. 235 - How to Have Magnetic Friendships

Update: 2023-01-273


Ever been ghosted by a friend? Ever felt angry with a friend and didnt know how to bring it up? Should you keep that one friendship alive or is it time to just let it fizzle? Say hello to the ultimate friendship episode with Jessica and TBM Marketing Director, Grace Abbott. Listen and learn as the two break down all kinds of friendship dynamics– best friends, coworker friends, couple friends, friend groups, new friends, old friends, acquaintances, friend break ups, friend conflict, and more. This insanely illuminating conversation will immediately make you cognizant of how you are showing up in your own friendships. Are you doing an ego dance? Are you looking for validation? Are you being truly supported and loved by the friends you have chosen? We even have TBM coaches Heather and Amanda pop in throughout the episode to give us some tips on creating healthy friendship dynamics. This episode will give you a total mental reset on how you think about your chosen family. Get ready to feel 🤯!

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In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Manifestation tips on how to have magnetic friendships with Jessica and TBM Marketing Director Grace Abbott!
  • How to make and develop aligned friendships as an adult
  • Friend breakups and assessing relationships that are no longer serving you
  • How your parents’ friendship styles affect your own
  • The importance of taking inventory of the close relationships in your life
  • Parallels between romantic and platonic connections
  • Tips from TBM Coaches Heather Whitaker and Amanda Blair!
  • Dynamics with co-workers, friend groups, other couples
  • The energetic investment required to have authentic friendships
  • Navigating unrealistic expectations portrayed in social media and pop culture
  • Friendships in different phases of life!



  • Parent friendship modeling and how it affects your own (00:13:08 )
  • Friendship breakups and how to navigate (00:44:50 )
  • Making friends in different phases of life (01:05:00 )




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In The Episode:


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Ep. 235 - How to Have Magnetic Friendships

Ep. 235 - How to Have Magnetic Friendships

Grace Abbott, Jessica Gill