DiscoverEXPANDED Podcast by To Be Magnetic™Ep. 236 - Best in Class The Love/Money Connection
Ep. 236 - Best in Class The Love/Money Connection

Ep. 236 - Best in Class The Love/Money Connection

Update: 2023-02-031


Love and Money– they’re the two things every person wants. But here’s what most people don’t realize: love and money are connected. Deeply, energetically connected. This means that your relationship to finances and your relationship to love and partnership are linked, and the lessons you’re learning about one are mirroring the lessons you’re learning about the other. While we’ve talked about this connection before, every single person–TBM vets and newbies alike– will greatly benefit from this episode. It is a grand culmination of all of our wisest insights on the love/money connection. Some things you’ll learn about…what to do if you’re succeeding in one area and not in the other. Ways to start unblocking and understanding your personal relationship with finances. Finding the root themes beneath your material manifestations. Of course, we wouldn’t leave you without actionable steps to take – so don’t miss the specific DI and workshop recommendations for these powerful themes. This episode will uplevel your understanding of love and money, as you get wise on the energetics beneath both. Strap in!


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In This Episode We Talk About:

  • A Best Of compilations of all things love & money!
  • How love and money are energetically linked
  • What to do if succeeding in one area and not in the other
  • Specific DI and Workshop recommendations from the TBM team!
  • Unblocking and understanding your relationship with finances
  • Finding the root themes below your material manifestations
  • Boundaries, tests, expanders!
  • Navigating money dynamics with a partner
  • Upleveling as a byproduct of high self-worth
  • Never settling, following pings!
  • Staying on the same page as your partner concerning financial decisions



  • Clarifying the energetic link between love and money (00:07:14 )
  • A deep dive into attachment and self-worth around love and money with EMDR therapist Janelle! (00:35:55 )
  • Actionable tips for those at home (00:01:00 )




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Ep. 236 - Best in Class The Love/Money Connection

Ep. 236 - Best in Class The Love/Money Connection

Lacy Phillips, Janelle Nelson, Jessica Gill