DiscoverEXPANDED Podcast by To Be Magnetic™Ep. 238 - How to Find Your Voice & Be Seen with Salwa Kyobe
Ep. 238 - How to Find Your Voice & Be Seen with Salwa Kyobe

Ep. 238 - How to Find Your Voice & Be Seen with Salwa Kyobe

Update: 2023-02-172


Salwa Kyobe has been a beloved TBM coach for awhile now, but she’s moving on from TBM and stepping into her next adventure! So before she goes, we had to get one more episode in with her to capture the wisdom and insight she’s given this community over the years– and she did not disappoint. This episode is chock full of actionable advice on how to “find your voice”– something you hear a lot in the self help world– but Jessica and Salwa break down what that actually looks like. They touch on topics like external validation, allowing yourself to be seen, having a healthy relationship with your anger, inner child wounds, people pleasing, and more. Salwa even gives us a peek behind the curtain on the blocks and triggers she faced in her journey of becoming a TBM coach. You also won’t want to miss a bonus exercise from Jessica at the end of the episode where she really explains how to move past the blocks that are standing in the way of you using your authentic voice. HUGE thank you to Salwa for her years of wisdom and dedication to the TBM community!


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In This Episode We Talk About:

  • The power of finding your voice with TBM Coach Salwa Kyobe!
  • Authenticity, validation and identity
  • Navigating criticism and the energetics of acceptance
  • How to find, develop and use your own authentic voice
  • Salwa’s personal evolution and manifestation journey!
  • Personal boundaries with sharing on social media
  • Jessica’s journey with finding her voice on the podcast
  • Prioritizing self-validation and self-acceptance
  • Doing Inner Child work and loving all versions of yourself
  • Anger as a healthy emotion and tool
  • Finding your voice while growing in partnership
  • Imposter syndrome, people-pleasing, perfectionism
  • Not letting the opinions affect your decisions
  • Salwa’s next career move!



  • The energetics of finding your voice and purpose (00:16:45 )
  • Salwa’s personal evolution and how she found her voice (00:27:15 ))
  • How to navigate sharing your voice on social media (01:04:15 )




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Ep. 238 - How to Find Your Voice & Be Seen with Salwa Kyobe

Ep. 238 - How to Find Your Voice & Be Seen with Salwa Kyobe

Jessica Gill, Salwa Kyobe