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Episode 2: War of the Winfields

Episode 2: War of the Winfields

Update: 2024-06-0613


It’s a toxic relationship. Friends and family recall Bronwyn’s sadness and frustrations over what appears to be coercive control and emotional violence.

Bronwyn’s efforts to keep the family home ‘immaculate’ while raising children take a toll. Crumbs or soft drink spills on the floor anger Jon, who doesn’t want visitors and directs the children to play in the garage to avoid making a mess.

Neighbours, friends, and their children see a woman living in fear. Bronwyn tells a friend that Jon threatens her and put his hands around her throat as if to strangle her.

She is desperate for money to pay for the solicitor giving her legal advice in the marriage breakdown. Bronwyn struggles to pay the bills in a rented townhouse with her two girls while Jon stays in the house.

Jon says Bronwyn’s side of the family has a history of mental illness.

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Neatz Davis

Listening to the letter that Bronwyn wrote to her step daughter made me get teary, it was beautiful and I would love to have received that much support from anyone. Those weren't the words of someone about to leave without a word. Absolutely not. I really hope this podcast helps shine light on whatever happened to Bronwyn, and if, as is probable, it was her ex husband I'd hate to be him right now, he should enjoy freedom while it lasts.

Jun 14th
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Episode 2: War of the Winfields

Episode 2: War of the Winfields

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