DiscoverMorbidEpisode 432: Glasgow Ice Cream Wars
Episode 432: Glasgow Ice Cream Wars

Episode 432: Glasgow Ice Cream Wars

Update: 2023-02-2014


I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM… over this true crime case known as the Glasgow Ice Cream Wars. We aren’t all watching the latest Food Network bake-off, unfortunately, this case has everything from assault to arson. It all happened back in early 80’s Glasgow. The streets were running rampant with Ice Cream Van drivers trying to overtake each other and steal the best route which ultimately led to the murder of almost an entire family.


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Special thank you to David White for research assistance!

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Lenora Thorium

It really doesn't matter what the original intent was, beyond the intention of setting the fire in the first place. They intentionally set the fire that killed six people, including a baby, so their original "intent" does not matter.

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Episode 432: Glasgow Ice Cream Wars

Episode 432: Glasgow Ice Cream Wars