DiscoverMorbidEpisode 438: The Tragic Murder of Roseann Quinn
Episode 438: The Tragic Murder of Roseann Quinn

Episode 438: The Tragic Murder of Roseann Quinn

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Roseann Quinn was a young, single school teacher working at St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf and pursuing a graduate degree that would help her advance her career. She was independent and had a bright future. Then on January 2, 1973, she was brutally murdered in her New York apartment by a man she met at a neighborhood bar. Her death would become a talking point for those against the Woman’s Liberation Movement—citing her "high risk" lifestyle as the catalyst for her own demise. Of course we know that the only one to blame here is the vicious killer himself, and Roseann Quinn was merely a symbol for his rage.

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Episode 438: The Tragic Murder of Roseann Quinn

Episode 438: The Tragic Murder of Roseann Quinn