DiscoverMorbidEpisode 445: The Murder of Kelly Ann Tinyes
Episode 445: The Murder of Kelly Ann Tinyes

Episode 445: The Murder of Kelly Ann Tinyes

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Kelly Ann Tinyes was at home babysitting her eight-year-old brother, Richie, on the afternoon of March 3, 1989 when the phone rang. Richie answered, talking briefly to the man on the other end of the line, before handing the phone to his sister, telling her it was someone named “John.” After a short conversation with “John,” Kelly hung up the phone and left the house around 3:15 pm, telling her brother she was going to her friend’s house down the street and would be right back. It was the last time Kelly’s family would see her alive.

Thank you to the prodigious David White for research assistance :)


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bunsen burner

Ding dong is arguing that he was on a spur of the moment roid rage but that is inconsistent with the premeditated lure call to Kelly Ann. Did the younger brother get full interrogation as to whether he made the call or was it Ding Dong? Given that the neighbour saw John jr at the door, it would seem he made the call. Did John jr. lie about not seeing Kelly Ann at all? Is it possible, he did call Kelly Ann as his crush and the brother grabbed her and intimidated John jr into leaving the house and lying about the call? Highly likely the younger brother knows more than he's telling.

Apr 16th

Omerta Nocomment

next Lister tales episode there bra

Mar 29th

Melvin Dodson

this is great

Mar 29th

Jasmin Chz

9 min. intro, it's hard to listen 🥱😫

Mar 28th
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Episode 445: The Murder of Kelly Ann Tinyes

Episode 445: The Murder of Kelly Ann Tinyes