DiscoverMorbidEpisode 452: Doris Duke and the Murder of Eddie Tirella
Episode 452: Doris Duke and the Murder of Eddie Tirella

Episode 452: Doris Duke and the Murder of Eddie Tirella

Update: 2023-04-2016


On a cold October afternoon in 1966, billionaire heiress Doris Duke returned to her palatial Newport estate in the company of friend and interior decorator Eduardo Tirella, stopping her car just outside the large iron gate that barred entrance to the driveway. Having offered to open the gate, he stepped out of the car and walked toward the gate, when the car began rolling forward, knocking Eduardo to the ground and crushing him under the two-ton weight of Duke’s station wagon. Within four days of Tirella’s death, the Newport Police had closed the case, calling it an “unfortunate accident,” but the residents of Newport, Rhode Island weren’t as convinced. 

Thank you so much to the remarkable David White for research assistance!


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Episode 452: Doris Duke and the Murder of Eddie Tirella

Episode 452: Doris Duke and the Murder of Eddie Tirella