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Episode 456: The Bonebreaker Case

Episode 456: The Bonebreaker Case

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When the body of fourteen-year-old Chris Steiner was discovered floating in the Wisconsin River on July 10, 1994, it brought a heartbreaking end to the search for the boy who had mysteriously disappeared from his Baraboo, Wisconsin home a week earlier. Officially, the cause of death was drowning. His death was a tragic accident, and nothing more.

But was it? A year later, a harrowing 911 call from 14 year old Thad Phillips would bring to light a monster in the boys' own neighborhood, one that would change the ruling in Chris Steiner's death and horrify the community forever.


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Lenora Thorium

The piece of shit who did this looks like he's been broken since before birth. Probably has fetal alcohol syndrome, although that's no excuse for what he did, just a ringing endorsement for the abortion he should have been. So I'm totally fine with the prosecutors humiliating his mother on the stand - she made this piece of shit what he is and allowed him to torture and murder children in her house. Fuck both of them.

May 20th
Reply (2)

Callie Ander

small-town murder did this one years back episode 32 CRAZY SICK P.O.S.

May 11th

Miss Anne Thrope

I highly recommend listening to the Dark Topic episode "The leg thing" covering this case.

May 8th

Jennifer Hutchison

I think Sauk County is pronounced "sock". A popular name in the Midwest area.😊

May 7th
Reply (1)

Trish O


May 4th
Reply (1)








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Episode 456: The Bonebreaker Case

Episode 456: The Bonebreaker Case