DiscoverThe Daily BeansEtch A Sketch Electorate (feat. John Fugelsang)
Etch A Sketch Electorate (feat. John Fugelsang)

Etch A Sketch Electorate (feat. John Fugelsang)

Update: 2024-02-161


Friday, February 16th, 2024

Today, the judge in the hush money case has denied Trump’s motions to dismiss and scheduled his criminal trial for march 25th; Judge McAfee held a hearing in Fulton County about DA Fani Willis’ potential conflict of interest; 12 of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims have sued the FBI for failing to protect them; Joe Manchin floats Mitt Romney as a possible running mate for a third party bid for president; the feds have filed a superseding charges against the man found with guns and ammo in a van near President Obama’s home; President Joe Biden extends student debt relief to include those with financial hardship or excessive interest. Plus Allison and Dana deliver your good news.

Our Guest John Fugelsang

Taylor Taranto, Jan. 6 defendant arrested near Obama home, indicted on five new felony charges

Biden administration looks to expand student loan forgiveness to those facing ‘hardship’

12 Epstein accusers sue the FBI for allegedly failing to protect them

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Student Loan Forgiveness

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

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Etch A Sketch Electorate (feat. John Fugelsang)

Etch A Sketch Electorate (feat. John Fugelsang)

Allison Gill, Dana Goldberg, John Fugelsang