Everything I know is scandalous

Everything I know is scandalous

Update: 2023-07-131


Why do men think that we want to see their ankles and why is Europe so against the best invention of all time, air conditioning? These are just some of the hard-hitting questions Brandi and Tish are answering on today’s episode. But actually, one of the Stoners calls in asking for the real tea, like whose DMs Brandi wants to slide into, and what hot goss Tish will share when she writes her tell-all. Stoners also call in asking if both Brandi and Tish can hit the Pamelo at the same time, which they’re not not going to try in a future episode... The duo starts off hot with Off Limits, debate which time of year is best to binge TV shows, and then get into some High Design which includes a recommended website that may or may not sell children in cabinets. Lastly, Tish shares some Amazon purchases that she doesn’t even recall buying and brainstorms chapter titles for her upcoming book such as “I Threw a Phone at His Head!”  

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Everything I know is scandalous

Everything I know is scandalous

Brandi and Tish Cyrus