DiscoverAndrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash SinghExpert Reveals The Pyramids LOST Technology
Expert Reveals The Pyramids LOST Technology

Expert Reveals The Pyramids LOST Technology

Update: 2023-03-143


What up people, today we independent researcher and creator of UnchartedX Ben Van Kerkwyk to explain WHY the pyramids couldn't have been built the way archeologists say. He showed us the drilled cores from ancient power tools, perfectly balanced pots that couldn't be made by hand... and even shows what the pyramids could have been used for all along... Limitless energy? INDULGE!

00:00 Join us on our Ancient Egypt adventure
01:19 The precision of the Pyramids are insane
06:40 Tools they claimed Egyptians used doesn’t make sense
09:20 Engineers’ impact + pyramids represent the precision of the Earth
16:06 There was a lost civilization + humans have been around for a LONG time
23:39 Water damage on the Sphinxes
27:07 Gobekli Tepe discovering changed everything
28:42 Sphinxes have a peanut head
33:11 We’re in an ice age + Younger Dryas period was VIOLENT
40:34 Meteors - Great Chicago Fire + Apocalypse + Bones were decimated
47:59 Ancient underground cities - Derinkuyu + Gobekli Tepe
50:28 Impacts in NA caused Younger Dryas
54:14 Religions across the world talk of a great flood
59:14 Ancient Egyptian vases having insane precision
01:11:27 Evidence might be buried + Pyramids across the world
01:15:46 Why are Pyramids so significant?
01:18:43 Pyramids had function = energy source?
01:36:25 Ancient Egyptians talked about a time before them
01:39:25 Unreal craftsmanship - Giant statues + heritage
01:44:27 Ancient cities across the world + South American Precision
01:54:50 Asking for evidence of tools applies to all explanations
02:02:02 Understanding our history will help properly prioritize
02:04:13 Drugs helped + Climate Change = cold is real problem
02:10:48 Dynastic Egyptians deserve credit + hieroglyphs in Australia???
02:15:02 Scale of mass + hieroglyphs don’t talk about pyramids
02:22:18 Giants + G. Blacki is the actual name + Neanderthals were lit
02:29:04 Aliens ayy LMAO + Exodus into space
02:33:24 Antarctica + Ottoman Maps + Military power
02:38:11 Challenging your beliefs and being open to change
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Expert Reveals The Pyramids LOST Technology

Expert Reveals The Pyramids LOST Technology

Andrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash Singh