DiscoverErotic Stories from Wylde in BedFire Wolf by CD Gorri Excerpt
Fire Wolf by CD Gorri Excerpt

Fire Wolf by CD Gorri Excerpt

Update: 2024-03-02


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Secrets. Magic. Forbidden Passion. This Wolf is breaking all the rules!
With her thirtieth birthday fast approaching, Martina Harbor is coming home to celebrate the day she shares with her two sisters.
Little does she know her big brother and his mate have invited the whole dang town to join in the festivities.
Things might have changed with the local Wolf Pack, but after spending her entire life hiding what she is from the very Shifters she’s eating cake with has Martina more than a little confused. Is she just supposed to forget about the past?
Why were her siblings okay with this? And who the heck was the hunky guy who kept sniffing her whenever she walked past? Could someone explain what the actual heck was going on? Mitchell Truman is a Wolf Shifter comfortable in his own skin.
Happy go lucky, that’s his vibe. He had friends, money, and was always a shoe in with the ladies. But one look at Martina Harbor and his bachelor days are a thing of the past! He knows she belongs to him. With his inner beast scratching against his skin, there is no doubt in his mind the female is his fated mate. But there’s more than meets the eye with this fiery Wolf.
Will Martina brush Mitchell off, or will they light fires together








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Fire Wolf by CD Gorri Excerpt

Fire Wolf by CD Gorri Excerpt

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