DiscoverSinisterhoodFreaky Friday: Episode 75
Freaky Friday: Episode 75

Freaky Friday: Episode 75

Update: 2023-08-25


I'm trapped in a Cult; A Toxic Situation - You're Not Alone - A PSA; I Had Sex with a Murderer; The Time my Dad Ran into Ted Bundy at the Gas Station (Kind of); The Homemade Bomb in the Woods Story; and My Badass S-I-L; 

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Autumn Cousineau

God Stephanie is a fucking hero and champ. Also 100% me lol. I've never fired a gun at someone, but if there's a person on or near our property who should NOT be there, I immediately go into "you best fuck off RIGHT NOW" mode and get super defensive. I'll stand outside and stare at them with my arms crossed, turn on the porch light at night and stare at them out the front door for a minute so they get the hint, yell at them to ask what the hell are they doing, etc. I've literally posted up against some coyotes out in our pasture at 3 am in pajamas with nothing to protect me but my yelling and stubbornness. Thankfully the coyotes around here are whimps when it comes to people and are even afraid of our cows most of the time, so they raaaan. But I found em out there while checking on the cows, cuz it was calving season, and I'd be damned if I let them get near our sheep up closer to the house. I'd never shoot one unless it was actively attacking one of our animals, but I'm also not afrai

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Freaky Friday: Episode 75

Freaky Friday: Episode 75

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