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From Dad Bod To Fit Dad with Thomas DeLauer

From Dad Bod To Fit Dad with Thomas DeLauer

Update: 2024-06-17


Thomas DeLauer is a renowned health and fitness expert known for his expertise in nutrition, intermittent fasting, and high-performance training. As a coach, author, and popular YouTube personality, Thomas provides practical advice and transformative strategies to help individuals achieve optimal health and peak physical performance. His approach combines scientific insights with real-world application, making wellness accessible and achievable for everyone.

Today, Thomas DeLauer discusses the importance of work ethic, control, and exercise in his life, highlighting how running served as a coping mechanism during difficult times. Thomas also delves into his relationship with his father and the impact it had on his perspective on fatherhood.

He opens up about his struggles with weight gain and type 2 diabetes, emphasizing the pivotal moment that led him to make a change in his lifestyle. He details his daily routine, including fasting, exercise, and the benefits of incorporating apple cider vinegar and lemon into his diet. Thomas explains the science behind fasting, autophagy, and the gut benefits of giving the digestive system a break.

Moreover, Thomas addresses common misconceptions about fasting and encourages listeners to consider the mental aspect of fasting. He emphasizes the adaptability of the human body and the importance of challenging oneself to go without food for extended periods. Thomas provides practical tips for incorporating fasting into a daily routine and highlights the mental and physical benefits that come with embracing intermittent fasting.


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From Dad Bod To Fit Dad with Thomas DeLauer

From Dad Bod To Fit Dad with Thomas DeLauer

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