DiscoverThe Excellence Project with Eric WorreFrom Skeptic to Success: Rakan Khalifa's Journey in Network Marketing
From Skeptic to Success: Rakan Khalifa's Journey in Network Marketing

From Skeptic to Success: Rakan Khalifa's Journey in Network Marketing

Update: 2023-07-241


Join us in this episode as Rakan Khalifa shares his six-year adventure in Network Marketing. From overcoming skepticism to experiencing personal growth, Rakan's story is a testament to the transformative power of the industry. Discover the importance of finding your identity, attracting the right people, and setting ambitious goals. Learn from his challenges during major company changes and how he found inspiration in the Middle Eastern market. Despite financial obstacles, Rakan's unwavering commitment led him to rebuild his team in just 90 days. Gain insights into leadership growth, avoiding excessive control, and maintaining humility. Rakan's advice reminds us that it's never too late to start over and find our tribe. Embrace risks, invest in personal growth, and attend events consistently for long-term success in Network Marketing.

Are you ready to rewrite your own success story? Tune in and let Rakan's inspiring journey ignite the fire within you. The world of Network Marketing awaits your triumphant arrival!

Rakan Khalifa is an entrepreneur who started from scratch and made a name for himself in the digital world. Born in Saudi Arabia, he moved to Canada in 2013 and ventured into various opportunities. Rakan founded Game Changers Worldwide, a successful organization focused on helping people improve their financial statuses through digital platforms. His leadership and expertise have earned him the title of "Millionaire Mentor." Rakan aims to inspire millions of individuals to take action and achieve success. His vision includes expanding his company globally and empowering over a million users with trading and investing skills.



  • Rakan Khalifa shares his six-year journey in Network Marketing, discussing skepticism and personal growth.
  • Importance of finding one's identity, attracting the right people, and setting ambitious goals.
  • Rakan's persistence leads to success as a top earner, demonstrating the power of Network Marketing.
  • Challenges faced during company changes, finding inspiration at a Go Pro event, and targeting the Middle Eastern market.
  • Overcoming financial obstacles and rebuilding the team in a 90-day mission.
  • Lessons learned about leadership growth, avoiding excessive control, and separating personal/professional relationships.
  • Advice on starting over, finding a supportive community, taking risks, investing in personal growth, and attending events consistently.

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    00:00 - What I love about Network Marketing
    00:21 - Introduction to Rakan Khalifa
    02:47 - Rakan growing up in Saudi
    05:02 - What was Rakan’s mindset when he was growing up?
    07:53 - Moving to Canada to have stability
    10:40 - How he fell in love with learning
    11:23 - His philosophy of being a billionaire
    13:14 - A combination of credibility and a system that made sense
    15:14 - Building a business in six months
    16:32 - What part-time looks like to Rakan
    17:00 - Seeing his mom work for the first time
    19:07 - Being the oldest child in the family
    21:06 - His first time in the States
    23:23 - Big events are where big decisions are made
    24:39 - Rakan’s first home event
    27:17 - How was Rakan’s presentation?
    28:29 - Building an income on a part-time basis
    30:21 - The myth of being part-time and building a big income
    32:27 - Finding his happy place in recruiting
    33:50 - Prospecting in his natural environment
    34:31 - Rakan’s other happy place was soccer
    37:46 - Leading a team for the first time
    39:20 - When did Rakan’s business step outside of Canada?
    41:46 - A new owner came in and changed everything
    43:39 - The importance of having a strong foundation
    45:13 - The importance of doing due diligence
    46:47 - Making almost 9% less on his team
    49:04 - Going to a GoPro event in Las Vegas
    52:15 - Connecting with leaders in the Arab world
    56:22 - How the vision helped Rakan get back on track
    57:44 - The first 90 days of the vision
    59:46 - The importance of sharing belief in others
    1:02:40 - The resistance to Network Marketing in the Middle East
    1:03:21 - The cultural differences between Western and Middle Eastern values
    1:04:43 - The importance of promoting outside of the company
    1:05:27 - Staying in the Middle East for four months
    1:06:56 - First time training in Arabic
    1:07:42 - Setting a target for your team
    1:10:20 - Rakan’s lessons learned during the season
    1:13:03 - How to say no to people when taking photos
    1:15:17 - Being the face of the company in the Middle East
    1:17:33 - Mistakes leaders have made in the past
    1:18:44 - Next Level mastermind group
    1:21:57 - How did you come up with the idea of furry slippers?
    1:23:25 - The transition from English to Arabic
    1:24:54 - The rapid pace of marketing in the Middle East
    1:27:33 - Building a community through Network Marketing
    1:28:56 - How Network Marketing embraces different cultures
    1:32:32 - Network Marketing is a vehicle for growth
    1:36:06 - Rakan;'s advice to anyone who wants to be successful
    1:38:53 - Longevity will always be more important than anything else
    1:40:42 - How to support The Excellence Project?
    1:41:29 - END

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From Skeptic to Success: Rakan Khalifa's Journey in Network Marketing

From Skeptic to Success: Rakan Khalifa's Journey in Network Marketing

Eric Worre