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Functional Medicine - Gluten

Functional Medicine - Gluten

Update: 2023-02-27


" chronic conditions and chronic diseases which is just my practice is the great mystery disease practice of like I got pain everywhere all my tests are normal you know if so some of my colleagues call it the mystery disease practice so gluten is a big part of that gluten has is potentially a big part of that I want to clear up a few things on gluten Okay so without getting into it too heavily gluten is a protein that's found in Wheat naturally occurring there's a lot of different theories as to why it's becoming a big problem in and you can find them online I'll just hit a few of them one of the theories is that we're modifying or genetically modifying it so that we can make more wheat and feed the world okay and that's a nice thing to do and it's very odd..."

"...rustic the way that we can feed the world is because now we can use more of the toxins that we put on there to kill the bugs and then we're able to make more was crop your crops and thus make more weak okay problem is the genetically modified wheat gluten is what's called a very sticky protein okay we're going to talk about the sticky protein is why it's used in everything that's why it's used in soy sauce has its why Susan cake mixes it's why it's used in pizzas and every day it sticks things together okay and also because and as many of you understand that the inside of our intestines is where 70% of our immune system it has a significantly profound effect on our immune system a lot of the time gluten..."

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Functional Medicine - Gluten

Functional Medicine - Gluten