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Functional Medicine - Oxygen

Functional Medicine - Oxygen

Update: 2023-02-24


" we're going to get to back to we're going to get oxygen okay we're going to talk about following the fuel so the first thing of the basics of getting better is to follow the fuel now what is the fuel that makes our physiology work the two main fuels that make our you work our oxygen and glucose okay and don't again don't under estimate the supposed Simplicity of where I'm going with this because we're going to talk about glucose and our next presentation okay today is going to be strictly about oxygen and people say well you know I get oxygen and if the person's like can't breathe and they've had a stroke or they've had COPD or they something like that they need auction but the reality is most of the people running around on planet Earth or at least in this country well and we're finding out several other countries from people who come here they don't have enough oxygen going to their extremities they don't have enough oxygen going to their brain and a lot of us would argue that means they do have a lot of oxygen or enough oxygen going to their enteric nervous system meaning the nervous system that controls your intestines so oxygen is is kind of vital realize that if you stop breathing for a short period of time that probably would be a good representation of how important oxygen is okay but on a subtle level we need oxygen to make okay if functional medicine is about anything it's probably about looking at all of the organ in the body all of the feedback mechanisms in the body all the biochemical systems in the body that contribute to Chronic conditions that are not working..."

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Functional Medicine - Oxygen

Functional Medicine - Oxygen