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Gail Zappa & Frank Zappa

Gail Zappa & Frank Zappa

Update: 2022-07-11


Frank Zappa ruled his kingdom of freaks, a prolific and obsessed man with many plans. But Gail was undeniably the woman behind the man, a role to which she felt duty-bound, and when Frank passed away, there was a new freak queen on the scene.

Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words, dir. Thorsten Schütte, 2016

Frank Zappa, his groupies and me (The Guardian)

Frank Zappa: ‘People thought the Beatles were God! That's not correct (Louder)

Frank Zappa’s Widow Gail Zappa Dead at 70 (Rolling Stone)

Gail Zappa, Mother of Invention (Pamela Des Barres) 

Gail Zappa: Simply Greedy, or Was She Mentally Disturbed, Too? Dweezil Discusses the Medea Complex and More (Inquisitr)

Gail Zappa speaking in Baltimore Sept. 19, 2010

Industry Profile: Gail Zappa (Celebrity Access)

It's brother and sister against brother and sister in a bitter fight over control of Frank Zappa's legacy (LA Times)

Just Plain Folks (Billboard)

Let's Spend the Night Together: Backstage Secrets of Rock Muses and Supergroupies, by Pamela Des Barres

Swinging Modern Sounds #45: The distribution problem, part one” (The Rumpus)

The Real Frank Zappa Book, by Frank Zappa

Zappa: A Biography, by Barry Miles

Zappa, dir. Alex Winter, 2020


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Gail Zappa & Frank Zappa

Gail Zappa & Frank Zappa

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