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German Green Hydrogen with Uniper

German Green Hydrogen with Uniper

Update: 2022-02-21


In this episode Oliver catches up with Dr Axel Wietfeld, CEO of Uniper Hydrogen based in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

We discuss the growing interest in green hydrogen in Germany and some of the steps that the energy giant Uniper is taking to meet this new demand, including the work being done at the burgeoning hydrogen hub at the port of Wilhelmshaven. 

Our talk encompasses many of the fundamentals that are driving the transformation pushing Germany towards a hydrogen economy. We ask how the current level of energy prices are changing the market landscape, whether the new coalition government’s lofty decarbonisation goals are realistic, and how the issues of working across borders to build international supply chains can be overcome. 

 All of this and more is discussed in this episode of the Joint Venture podcast. 

This episode coincides with the release of inspiratia’s first Green Hydrogen Index report, a data driven exploration of the progress that Germany is making towards a ‘green hydrogen first’ future. To click here to access the report.
inspiratia > Renewables > Europe > Germany > News > NEW: inspiratia launches Green Hydrogen Index with first look at Germany's expanding market

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DISCLAIMER: The German government has stated in May 2021 that 8 billion euros in state funding made up of federal and state funds will be raised. Around 4.4 billion euros come from the Federal Ministry of Economics; up to 1.4 billion euros from the Federal Ministry of Transport. The remaining funding will be provided by the federal states. In total, investments of 33 billion euros are to be triggered, of which more than 20 billion euros will come from private investors. In addition, the new government has already announced further funding.









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German Green Hydrogen with Uniper

German Green Hydrogen with Uniper