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Gut -Health FAQs With Dr. Gates

Gut -Health FAQs With Dr. Gates

Update: 2023-04-25


"...we spent a long time looking at these at these varying aspects that you've all probably been exposed to at this point in time and managed to get a what we feel is a pretty good understanding of how to go about these autoimmune problems because it turns out to pretty much every walks in here with just about anything they walk in with Aniston autoimmune problem and and if you have something that comes and won't go away and it came out of nowhere and won't go away for example people get migraines and then they go away and they never get them again okay the people walk in here the people get migraines they come in here you never go away and it's the same way with certain pains and it's the same way with certain gut problem and it's the same way with many of the conditions dizziness vertigo Bells fibromyalgia chronic fatigue those types of things so whatever reasons they don't go away maybe the maybe the biggest reason we last week we argued for the chronic stress response may be the biggest reason is autoimmunity and we got to see a lot of autoimmunity through trial and error we got to see that in a lot of these people that we had already kind of established in our minds that they had autoimmune problems do very well after we address their gut and we spent a lot of time they're gay spend a lot of time researching the gut and and at some point we decided you know what we got to do the gut first and some point we decided we had to do got and stress response but at some point we decided we had to get got first we started seeing significant jumps in Improvement quicker as being one of the moving parts and pretty much all the Autumn Unity that we were that we were treating and so so that became a center of focus and you're in your world as far as the research that you were doing and so we're going to bring you some of that today so and I will often tell people I have a feeling that sometime in the near..."

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Gut -Health FAQs With Dr. Gates

Gut -Health FAQs With Dr. Gates