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Hashimoto and Plastics - Health FAQs with Dr Gates

Hashimoto and Plastics - Health FAQs with Dr Gates

Update: 2023-05-09


" we're going to talk about Hashimoto and Plastics today Hashimoto's is a subject that we've been long associated with frankly probably for most people are associated with and we're taking quite a bit of use for even diagnosing people at and so and getting heat on it and the point from that is that Hashimoto is the understanding of what's going on with Hashimoto's is the number of things it's related to the things that can create a Hashimoto's isn't it is an immune attack on your thyroid primarily and so you're always looking for the things that are creating the immune attack and and and it can be a multitude of things and I was just mentioning to dr. Gates we're talking about Plastics that I remember reading about that at like 10 years ago but wondering is actually something that has something to do with it because back then it was I was everything was Metals was right it was it was is there anything you could think of the alternative groups were putting out as yet avoid all of this which is basically everything in life it seemed like but it turns out that Plastics do create a negative effect on the condition of Hashimoto's and so we're going to discuss that this probably fairly briefly it's not a long topic I would assume and so and if it's not brief then that's fine too so so Plastics as the famous gentleman in the Dustin Hoffman movie from many years ago The Graduate said to Dustin Hoffman when he had him in his graduate courses okay so I'm 65 days going to be people more my age The Graduate it was the famous line for the decade when people would say what are you going to do with your life and people Go Plastics because the gentleman at his college graduation party pulled him over and he was wondering what he was going to do for a because back in 1965 r68 Plastics were just coming into that was the whole point of plastics were done where Evolution just coming in and nobody knew anything about them they were going to save the world now we've got some mass of plastics I guess twice the size of Texas under the Pacific Ocean from what I read in the the other day and the National Geographic so could be a problem that was the whole point of that that aside that I was warned not to do yesterday but I did so good so the whole question is why is Hashimoto's so much more common and..."

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Hashimoto and Plastics - Health FAQs with Dr Gates

Hashimoto and Plastics - Health FAQs with Dr Gates