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Health FAQs With Dr. Gates- Alzheimers

Health FAQs With Dr. Gates- Alzheimers

Update: 2023-03-16

Description Alzheimer's is kind of an interesting topic I still keep hearing nobody's found the cause of it yet I'm not sure there is a the cause relative to that and and and then our observation we do a lot of chronic pain that's what we do for those of you haven't seen us we combine functional medicine and functional neurology to create a paradigm to address kind of the cornerstones of physiology that seemed to be the core of what causes chronic conditions chronic pain in general and so if a person comes in here let's say with fibromyalgia it's pretty common that they're going to have brain fog and short term memory loss and and people come in here and there in PTSD there they're going to have short-term memory loss they're going to have they're going to have difficulty sleeping and things of that natur...going to bed but a substantial portion of our patients come in here with short-term memory loss and brain fog and and other things that you know have that Nuance of is this house hi so the Alzheimer's type of thing we have seen Alzheimer's patients but more often we see people who would seem to me to be in the process of going in that direction so it's of Interest to us to know what's going on and and so this is something that isn't that is it's enveloped in that core of conditions and and of problems chemical problems chemical Pathways neuronal pathways systemic problems that cause chronic problems chronic pain fibromyalgia preferably chronic fatigue dizziness vertigo balance a lot of these things it's interesting how they kind of overlap...

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Health FAQs With Dr. Gates- Alzheimers

Health FAQs With Dr. Gates- Alzheimers