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Health FAQs With Dr. Gates- Multiple Sclerosis

Health FAQs With Dr. Gates- Multiple Sclerosis

Update: 2023-03-31


" you want me to just go down let's go down the so we haven't we have a long list we're not going to get through all of them we're going to spend about 15 or 20 minutes going over over these questions and we'll see how far along we get so the first one and these are quotes right off of the right off of the websites and from you so first one is a question about multiple sclerosis what is your thought on stress and multiple sclerosis so what I would say is that with most odd immune diseases what we find is that stress can be an exacerbating Factor when you look at the literature that holds true for many different conditions when it comes to Ms lots of times you'll read will stress may not be a major factor or Diet isn't a major factor but we would say in our clinical experience we disagree substantially any time an individual is under chronic stress just looking at the basic physiology of it you're going to decrease blood flow to the gas...hustle track is putting your body into a state of fight-or-flight ready to fight the line or run from it so to speak and in doing so we know the literature on Ms is robust on the gastrointestinal related to the illness meaning it has been shown that the gastrointestinal tract breaks down and patients who have MS and that leads to immune activation which is also seemingly associated with the immune activation in the brain so we would say stress can be a major component of Ms we've seen viral infections cause patients to go from you know basically secondary Progressive to primary Progressive we've seen the same thing with stress responses so stress is a major factor and if it is present not only in Ms or any other autoimmune illness it's one of the main factors that we have to address some yeah more in general if you're any type of a chronic pain patient the cliff notes on stresses when your chronic stress it can affect your brain it can cause short-term memory loss..."

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Health FAQs With Dr. Gates- Multiple Sclerosis

Health FAQs With Dr. Gates- Multiple Sclerosis