DiscoverThe Trial Of Alex MurdaughHow Alex Murdaugh Was Raised To Feel No Shame
How Alex Murdaugh Was Raised To Feel No Shame

How Alex Murdaugh Was Raised To Feel No Shame

Update: 2023-09-22


Murders, embezzlements, and shocking accusations - the tale of the Murdaugh family, once regarded as legal royalty in South Carolina, reads more like a crime thriller than real life. The newest revelations from Netflix's documentary, shining a light on the family's darkest secrets, begs the question: Just how deep does the twisted web of deceit run in this seemingly cursed dynasty?

 A recent episode of the podcast "Hidden Killers," hosted by Tony Brueski, delved into this very topic, engaging with Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and licensed Private Investigator, Joni Johnston.

 One of the newest revelations involves the 'Curtis cutting cousin', Eddie Smith. In the documentary, when Eddie was questioned about the incident where Alex Murdaugh alleged that Smith tried to kill him upon his request, he provided a chilling response. Eddie claimed that Alec had confided in him about his fears: "They're going to be able to prove that I'm responsible for Maggie and Paul." Johnston remarks on this revelation, “It’s the elephant in the room. It absolutely could be true.”


 However, the veracity of this claim remains in question, given Eddie Smith's reputation. Brueski highlights the inconsistency, noting, “Eddie’s already kind of proven not to be that credible. It’s like, what do you believe out of Eddie?”


 Further complicating the matter is Alec’s recent admittance of guilt, a decision to plead guilty to 22 federal charges, including wire fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering. Johnston contemplates this sudden change in Alec’s stance, suggesting it's more about his self-interest and less about moral awakening. "Either that or he is starting to become more concerned about his reputation...I can promise you there’s a self-interest involved here."


 Yet, the family's intricate web of lies and deceit seems to have historical roots. An interview with Paul Murdaugh's former girlfriend in the documentary provides a shocking account of family patriarch, Randolph Murdaugh. During a marital dispute, Randolph went to the extreme of publishing his wife, Miss Libby’s obituary in the local newspaper, despite her being alive – a chilling power play to dissuade her from pursuing a divorce.


 When posed with the question about the psychology of such a family, where such actions were normalized, Johnston reflects on the values instilled. “It certainly speaks to this level of self-interest. Narcissism. I’m going to get what I want. No matter who gets hurt.” Johnston elaborates that these behaviors, having been witnessed by their offspring, perpetuates a cycle of values misaligned with societal norms.


 Diving deeper into this psychology, Johnston provides a perspective on why such individuals might not feel shame for their actions. “If those are your values, shame wouldn’t come into it at all.” This statement underscores a profound disconnect between personal values and broader societal standards, highlighting the extent of the Murdaugh family's alleged detachment from societal norms.


 While the Murdaugh family saga continues to unravel, revealing layers of secrets and manipulation, one can't help but wonder: How did such a prominent family spiral into this abyss? What drove them to these extremes? And most importantly, were they always destined for this grim fate, or was it a product of generational values gone awry?


 With the world watching and waiting for the next twist in this riveting saga, one must ask: If the sins of the father are indeed visited upon the son, what legacy does the Murdaugh family leave behind?

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How Alex Murdaugh Was Raised To Feel No Shame

How Alex Murdaugh Was Raised To Feel No Shame

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